World, meet Itsy

In 2006 I founded a company, ODIN Software, where I worked on one main product, the ODIN Booking Platform for travel agencies, mostly located in Iceland. In 2019 though, I sold my remaining shares of that company and left for new pastures and a new and bright future.

For the last year or so I have been working as a contractor for various companies, mainly here in Iceland. That has been a fantastic time, but my product building itch is not being scratched by those projects, fantastic as they are. So a few weeks a go I started something simple. Small. Tiny in fact. Itsy Bitsy ... like the teenie, weenie, yellow polkadot bikini or the spider. Your choice.

So without further ado: World: MEET ITSY!

As Odin before it, Itsy will be a booking platform for travel agencies. Small travel agencies in fact. Tiny even. Focusing on integrations with other platforms and solutions, with an agile core, focusing on the specific functionality and processes for the traveltech space. The full list of integration types is not quite there yet, but that is something I will share soon.

I want to be very open with what I am doing and am using a few tools to achieve that. Platforms such as Indie Hackers and Makerlog are allowing solo entreprenours to build their products in the public eye, instead of being in stealth mode until a minimum viable product (MVP) is available. That has inspired me to do the same. So I have a profile on both of those platforms (see links below), and you can even sign up for email updates from the main Itsy website, where I will be emailing those interested every single week with my progres and ideas.

I will not be stopping working as a contractor, or leaving my customers behind. And sad to say, that this will always take the back seat to my day-to-day work. This is purely an itch I feel a need to scratch and is very much a side project, a tool for me to Get Shit Done in a productive way, trying out new technologies and building on my 25 years' experience as a software developer.

Follow along

You can follow my progress on Itsy on the platforms below:

If you liked this article and would like to get in contact with me, you can either send me an email or call me on my mobile.

Here are some of the companies I have been working with