Projects I have worked on so far

Employee Portal

Worked on an Employee Portal for a large company that came with a lot of challenges. For authentication, I had to use their ​Azure Active Directory​, and then I had to connect to an OnPrem ​Oracle​ database and combine the AD information with the employee data in the Oracle database, which was a fun challenge. Technical stack is fairly straightforward. Split into two repos, ​front-end​ and ​back-end​, both using Node as base technology. Deployed to AWS into a Kubernetes cluster managed by the client.

Front End

  • Node / React application
  • Tailwind CSS for presentation

Back End

  • Node / TypeScript / Koa / Tsoa
  • Oracle and MSSQL databases

My Role

I was the sole programmer in this project with some initial guidance from the client so that we would adhere to their tech guidelines as much as possible. I made all the relevant technical decisions and developed both the frontend and backend applications.

ERP System

An application which serves as the center point of the operation for my client. It sits between their website and their ERP system and simplifies the communication between them. It's based on the .NET Platform, but we are looking into moving it to .NET Core in the immediate future.

Technical Stack

  • .NET Framework (v 4.7 > C#)
  • Hosted on Microsoft Azure, using AppServices
  • MSSQL Databases for data and logging
  • Azure Queue
  • Redis Cache

My Role

Currently I am the sole maintainer of this application and need to communicate with the client and the website service provider and decide on a best approach to solve problems for the client.

Software Consultation

A company in the travel sector is in the process of selecting a new booking system for their operations. I am the lead consultant on the project, tasked with searching for potential vendors, comparing the pre selected software solutions and finding the best product fit for my client.

Having a lot of experience in this space, I have loved finding exciting and powerful software products for my client.

Valur Football Club website

I am currently working on moving a large website for a Valur Sports Club to WordPress, doing some programming in ​PHP​. Currently it's based on the Umbraco CMS and hosted on Azure, using ​LetsEncrypt​ for SSLs, updating it automatically on a schedule. Check it out =>

Valur Game Service

I Developed an app in ​Flutter​ for fun and deployed it into the ​Google Play Store​. Flutter is Google’s UI toolkit for building beautiful, natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase. It's a game service using a REST api that I created that is a Proxy for data from the Icelandic Handball (HSÍ) and Football (KSÍ) federations.

First version of this website in Vue

When I stared my freelance journey at the start of 2020 I got interested in Vue, so I developed a very basic version of a website using Vue. There was only one page, but a great start.

Own (still) Secret Project

I am working on a project that may come to fruition (and it may not) where the tech stack is split into three parts, two for the backend (api and webapp with authentication), and a public facing application.

  • Webapp front end using Vue / Typescript
  • Api using .NET Core (.NET 5 preview)
  • Public display pages using .NET Core (.NET 5 preview) & Razorpages
  • Data stored using Firebase Datastore
  • Authentication in backend using Firebase Authentication


In 2006 I founded my own company to develop a booking platform for the travel industry. Currently, it's called the Corivo Travel Platform (CTP). CTP is a SaaS solution, hosted on the Microsoft Azure Platform. I worked on that project constantly from October 2006 to March 2019. 13 fantastic years.

Tech Stack

  • .NET Framework (4.7 > C#)
  • MSSQL Databases hosted in Azure
  • Azure Queues
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Here are some of the companies I have been working with