My Skillz & Values

When you are embarking on the freelancing journey, it’s important to be aware of what skillset you have that can add value to your potential customers. It’s not just about listing your programming languages or development platforms, but more of being able to communicate the core value proposition you bring to the table.

In my case, I have a lot of experience in software development and consider myself as full-stack developer. I know I can add value in the complete product lifecycle from initial application planning, database design, coding, devops processes and hosting environment setup.

So what is my value proposition?

Having been in this business since 1996, when I started developing a website for my favorite football club Valur (a site I still maintain to this day) to the more complicated product solutions I have had a hand in since, I have fallen in love with the production process.

Having this long experience and overview makes me an invaluable part of any development team where I can add value where needed, but have a great understanding of the complete process.

I am very quick in getting up to speed in new application environments and don’t usually need a lot of lead time to get into the groove of making meaningful contributions extremely fast.

So what is it that I am good at?

Application Development. I have significant development experience from my almost 25 years of working on software. Mostly in C#, JavaScript (React/NodeJS and more), TypeScript, HTML and CSS.

I commit to writing clean, reusable, DRY, SOLID, well-documented and well-tested code that is easy to refactor and maintain.

  • API applications, most of them based on the .NET Framework, and more recently .NET Core, using the MVC paradigm.
  • Front end applications, both SPAs (Single Page Applications) and more traditional return trip applications.
  • Containers (including container management platforms like Kubernetes).
  • Project architecture, including creating and optimizing object models and databases.
  • Extensive experience in taking older applications and running them through a Code Clinic, where I can take a legacy application, rewrite parts of it and bring it up to date with modern coding practices.
  • DevOps processes. In the last few years DevOps has been a ever growing part of my development story. Azure DevOps, Bamboo, TeamCity and Jenkins are some of the applications I have been working in the past few years.

Understanding and communicating business requirements. One of my main strengths is to be able to work closely with stakeholders to analyse, find and deliver the best solution for each problem and maximize the product value. I excel at understanding business requirements and figuring out how to design a solution that not only solves the requirement, but expands upon it and creates even more value for the product.

Keeping it simple. I am very good at analyzing problems and figuring out how to split proposed solutions into logical and meaningful pieces that are easy to digest for any dev team. Product planning, strategy and innovation. I have a hands on experience of all the products´ life cycle stages; analysing and gathering information by finding the products’ purpose, main goals, functions and target audience; define the products’ architecture by constructing view layouts, wireframes and moqups; coding the application itself from database design to front-end views; maintaining the code during the products’ lifetime; designing and maintaining hosting environments; and truly appreciate the fluidity and input of the products’ back-log and it’s value in a complex environment.

So where does my experience come from?

Below is a list of the most recent places I have worked, what my role was at each company and what value I added to the process.

Origo / Technical Manager in Travel Solutions ( 2019–2020)

In my role as the department Technical Manager, I was in the process of implementing CI/CD for all the products we were developing, adding quality controls and unified monitoring.

My most challenging project at Origo, was a product that was a few years old, and it’s code base was not in a good state. It was a huge monolithic application with little or no seperation of concerns. So when the team was tasked with adding a new feature to the application, we took the opportunity to begin a rewrite of the whole application. Without having to rewrite the complete application from top to bottom, we broke the new features into simple services that communicated through a messaging service and hosted it on the Microsoft Azure platform. The developers were so happy when I proposed this solution as they saw a future with the product and a plan to move out of the monolithic swamp they were in every day.

Corivo / Founder & CTO (2006–2019)

In 2006 I founded Corivo to develop the Corivo Travel Platform (CTP). The CTP is a SaaS solution, hosted on the Microsoft Azure Platform, and has handled well over 300 million EUR in transactions between 2014 and 2019.

My role was very diverse and engaging, as a founder usually is. My main job was being the lead developer (application runs on the .NET Framework) and technical visionary for CTP. In addition I wrote the development road-map up to 24 months in advance, and planned our two week development sprints with other key employees. I was also responsible for our agile/scrum project management process and ran daily standup meetings with our development team.

Holiday Autos / Software Developer (2005–2006)

I was the lead front-end developer for this large rental car broker. Most of it’s sales were originating from B2B sales agents, and my role was to develop and build a B2C portal where they could use their substantial inventory to sell directly to the end customer via their website. In cooperation with the B2C sales team we achieved all our set goals for that project.

I gained a lot from my time with Holiday Autos since it involved working in a new culture, a new country, and a big company environment, with the whole HA Group having thousands of employees in total.

So, what’s next?

If you feel that I can bring value to your company and software production process, you can contact me in various ways, I am looking forward to hearing from you :)

If you liked this article and would like to get in contact with me, you can either send me an email or call me on my mobile.

I feel soooo lucky to be working with these companies :)