Latest Projects

New booking engine for Icelandair

For these last few months I have been a part of a fantastic development team at Icelandair working on a new booking engine, based on the DaVinci booking system. Our tech stack is very Node heavy, with TypeScript present in all our systems, using React/NextJS for the front end presentation layer.

My role has been a communication layer between the main booking engine and the services provided by the DaVinci booking system. I have a lot of experience in that area, having worked on a similar project with the OTA Vita (a subsidiary of Icelandair).

It has been a fantastic experience to get to know the team at Icelandair, and a really exciting times ahead with a brand new booking engine platform which I am very proud of.

Central Public Procurement Office

Data integration in public offices is non existent in many cases unfortunately. But the leadership team at CPPO has a totally new vision for the future and I have been tasked with integrating data from their three main ERP systems that are essential in all their procurements.

We are going to be aggrecating a lot of data, from very diverse sources, into an Azure SQL database which could then be connected to Power BI where the leadership team can create reports and gain previously unthinkable insights into the processes at CPPO.

Internal system for Marel/Valka

Also, I am gearing up to take part in a development team at Marel/Valka. I will be bringing my 25+ years of experience to the team, with the added pressure of having to start contributing from day one.

I am very much looking forward to work with Marel, the pace of innovation and a whole new industry sector for me is a very exciting combination.


With all this, I am continuing with Itsy (you can signup for a very unregular newsletter there). I have made some changes to the tech stack, but the simple vision for this is still in place. You can track all code commits to Itsy on Makerlog.

Would I like to have more time working on my pet project. Absolutely. But the enjoyment I get with working with such diverse portfolio of clients is just to great for me right now.

This site

When I started writing this article, I decided to upgrade the Eleventy static site generator from a beta version to a full blown 1.0.0! No breaking changes and almost no issues in upgrading ... love it!

Also updated the site from Tailwind 2.0 to Tailwind CSS 3.0. Not as smooth an upgrade, but I am a big lover of Tailwind CSS and try to use that for all my projects.

If you liked this article and would like to get in contact with me, you can either send me an email or call me on my mobile.

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