How I built this

I have never been a fan of static website generators, they all have seemed too clunky and difficult to use. But when I wanted to expand my site here at, I started looking at some light weight CMS systems (like Ghost), but they seemed like a huge overkill for what I wanted to achieve.

I wrote some blog posts over on my page on Medium and wanted to bring them home so to speak and give them a new home here on the site. I wanted to write them in Markdown and build a simple site around that. There had to be a simpler way than a CMS to do that.

And then I came across Eleventy (11ty for you lazy typers out there). It uses a variety of templating languages (Markdown, Liquid, Nunjucks, Handlebars, Mustache and lots more). You can even mix and match. Most of the templates for this site are written in Liquid, while the articles are written in Markdown. Super cool!

I wanted to continue using Netlify as my hosting provider. Microsoft announced Azure Static Web App hosting at Build 2020 a few weeks ago, but it is not nearly as mature as Netlify, so I won't be switching this over any time soon (I am hosting some other stuff on Azure though). Deploying to Netlify from Github is so effortless and with my site fitting under the Free tier, it's a no-brainer.

For the Look & Feel of this site, I can fully agree that I am not a fully qualified web designer, but with Tailwind CSS as my trusted sidekick, it's so easy to pull elements together that form a site that is consistent, fast and modern.

So in summary, the site you are browsing right now, is a collection of HTML pages, built by Eleventy from code on Github, hosted on Netlify.

Ain't the modern developers life great ... ??

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I feel soooo lucky to be working with these companies :)