Covid-19 & Me

I have not had to work at an office since my termination from Origo at the end of January, and with the uncertainty of when I would officially end my emoployment, and with all the things going on in the world right now, things could have taken a downward spiral very quickly.

But that has not happened, and I feel very privelidged and lucky to be in the place I am right now, just starting out as my own boss, working from home. I have my own space here at the apartment we moved into a few months ago (see the picture above), I have a great chair, a great computer setup (Dell XPS 15, Dell 38" curved ultra wide monitor, my favorite Microsoft keybard and a Logitec mouse) and all the things I need (even a pen-holder which is a Danish Coca Cola can from 1986) to feel comfortable.

So I have been feeling a bit strange seeing all these people struggling with the change of pace when you work from home, because I am sooo comfortable with it. Being at home in my office feels so natural to me and I don’t feel the effects of isolation at all. Yesterday I worked a a few hours in the morning, then a lunch break, half an hour walk to the doctor. Did various small tasks when I got back at around three to about six, had dinner with the wife and at 21 I put in a few hours of work (I often perform well during the evening hours). That is a perfect workday for me. Totally in control and I can pace out my day excatly as I need.

For all the people struggling to make the transition to work from home, I am not going to write all the tips and tricks, you can get 3,5 billion results from Google on allthat. But I will just say this. Embrace it. Enjoy it. Make the best out of it. I have. If you do that, everything will work out fine, and I predict more and more workers will be working from home as this virus passes and we get back to our regularly scheduled lives.

So if you have some work you need done where my qualities and skillz can come in handy, there are various ways of contacting me: email / twitter / github / calendar

If you liked this article and would like to get in contact with me, you can either send me an email or call me on my mobile.

I feel soooo lucky to be working with these companies :)